How to Craft Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

Making Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft allows you to breathe under water. It is a safe way to explore the beautiful underwater world in Minecraft. This potion has several varieties, with all of them helping you to safely go underwater, destroy underwater monuments, battle with water creatures. The potions also let you mine underwater. In today’s guide, we dive into the steps you need to take to create your very own Water Breathing Potion.

Water Breathing Potion Crafting Recipe


You can craft a Brewing Station by using one of the Blaze Rods and three Cobblestones.

How to Make Water Breathing Potion


Once you’ve successfully created your brewing station, you can now proceed to create Water Breathing Potion. Begin by using the remaining Blaze Rods to create Blaze Powder. Once ready, move to the Brewing Station and follow the instructions below:

minecraft water breathing potion process


minecraft nether wart

minecraft brewing stand


Upon completion of these steps, you’ll successfully receive a Water Breathing Potion. This potion will enable you to temporarily explore the underwater world in Minecraft without having to worry about drowning or having to regularly surface to breathe.

If you’re already tired of exploring the deep blue in Minecraft, check out this guide to find diamonds in Minecraft! Also, read on how to make Potion of Weakness in Minecraft.

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